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Farewell letters

[In Crys' room, hidden quite well under the desk, Gold and Silver should find letters addressed to each of her friends in Luceti. Each is sealed and signed on the back to a specific person.]

Dear Gold,

I guess if you're reading this, it either means I've been sent home, or you're poking around in my room. If it's the latter, you're gonna get it! But if I'm gone, then it's okay for you to read this. I'm really, really sorry I couldn't stay with you anymore. I remember seeing how happy you and Silver were when I first got here. Do you remember how I found you and Silver at each others' throats, fighting? It was like business as usual! But... it made me really happy to see that my two best friends in the whole world were in this strange, new place with me. And I know you don't really like it. Even so, I still can't deny I enjoyed my time here with you. I feel like I got closer to you here. You were always there for me, no matter what happened. It gave me (and still gives me) a lot of relief that I can count on you for anything. Like in the draft. I can't lie, I was really scared then. I thought I was going to die. But you protected me. You made me feel safe, even in a terrifying place like that. You gave me the courage to move on and come out okay from it. I guess that's a special quality of yours. Never, ever lose it, okay? I can only imagine how hard it's going to be for you when I'm gone since all three of us were finally here together as a team again, but I don't want you to lose hope of going home. You'll do it, Gold, I just know it. Be strong for me. We'll all be back in Johto together someday, I just know it. I'll be waiting back at home for you, as long as it takes. Even if time doesn't pass. I can feel it. I really like you I think I like you
[That part is too scratched and blotted out to read.] You're a very important person to me, Gold. I know it'll only be a matter of time before you come back. Or I might come back. All I know is, we'll see each other again. I'll do whatever it takes to find a way to be by your side again, and I won't quit until we're together again. I'm not going to ask you not to be sad. You can be sad. You can cry. Just make sure you pick yourself back up. I'll see you again, Gold. You're too important to me to stay away forever. So don't worry. I know in my heart that the two of us will always find each other again. I know I must sound really stupid and mushy with all of this, but it's how I honestly feel. You hold a very special place in my heart. I can't quite explain it, but I know you're one of the most important people in my life. This isn't a goodbye, just "I'll see you later". Be safe, Gold.



Dear Silver,

You're not the type to sneak around in my room so if you found this, I must have left. I'm sorry I left so suddenly. I know you don't like Luceti, being trapped like this. And it might not be good of me to say this, but I'm glad I came. I was able to spend more time with you, and get to know you better. You've always been a good friend of mine, but it felt like our bond was strengthened here. Luceti has a way of bringing people closer, even with how terrible it is. I feel like I'm a lot closer to you now. You feel like family to me now. Like a brother I never had, kinda like the bond you and Gold have. The three of us are like a family, aren't we? You and I have been through a lot. When I came back from the draft, I was a mess, huh? But you supported me and comforted me even if you were a huge jerk after that
[Scratching that part out.] when I really needed it. I had a lot of fun with you, Silver. This must be what it feels like to have a brother. Is it bad of me to call you that now? You mean a lot to me. And I wish I could've stayed with you longer, but Luceti is pretty fickle. Don't worry, I promise I'll see you again. Whether it's here again, or Johto, I promise I'll find a way back to my important friend. There's not a force in the universe that can keep us apart forever. We all have a really special bond, and that's what is going to help us find each other again. So don't lose hope. And even if we don't remember Luceti, I know in my heart you'll still be someone important to me; family. That's one thing that not even Luceti can change. You have a lot of people who care about you and love you, Silver. I'm glad to call myself one of them. You can be sad about my leaving. It's only temporary. I promise that no matter what, we can go back to things as they were in Johto. I promise I'll see you again. It might be hard for you after I'm gone, so please go to Gold for comfort. I know the two of you can offer it for each other. I don't want my brother to be sad, even if I don't know it. You're family to me, and I promise that no matter what, we can find each other again.



Dear Ruby,

You definitely better not be sneaking around my room. What would Sapphire say? But you probably found these after I left. I know it's going to be hard, stuck with two idiots like those guys, but try to keep you chin up. They may be stupid, careless, punks, but they're some of the nicest people we've ever met. I would've liked to spend more time with you, too. I had a lot of fun with you, and I wish I could have seen some of your contest performances. I have no doubt they must have been beautiful. You're a really great junior, and I'm sure someday back home, we'll run into each other again. I want to thank you for the kindness you've shown me these past few months. And I know you don't really like it, but please try to help out the other juniors, too. They'll need it. You're strong, though, so I have plenty of confidence in you to do it.


Dear Senior Red,

I really hope you're not sneaking around in my room, Senior Red. You seem too nice for that. Though, I know if you're reading this, I've gone home. It makes me a little sad that we didn't get to hang out as much as we could have. But I still found you to be a really good senior. You were really nice, and I was glad I got to know you more, even if this place was pretty awful. I never did properly thank you for helping me when I was down during the draft. It makes me glad that I have a friend like you to count on.



Dear Senior Yellow,

I'm sorry I had to leave when we were getting to be really good friends, but I hope when we get home, we'll still be close. I've always known you were a nice person, but I'm glad I got to see just how much of a wonderful person you could be. I'm really grateful for you lifting my spirits after I came back such a mess from the draft. It's been a lot of fun being your friend, and I'm glad to call you my senior and dear friend. You mean a lot to me.


Dear Ingo,

It made me very happy to meet someone from the Unova region. You've always seemed like a very capable trainer, and I wish I could have trained with you, or had a battle. But despite all that, you've been a wonderful adult figure to me. You're practically a father figure to all of us younger trainers. You really care about us, and it's good for us to have a person like that here. Do you remember when you, Silver, and I made those cakes for Gold's birthday? And we made a mess all over your floor! Even if that was embarrassing and extremely messy, but i really had a lot of fun with it! It felt like you, me, and Silver were like a nice, little family. I didn't have anyone like a father for a while, so having someone like you around was a really good thing for me. It makes me sad to think we didn't get more time to know each other. But I'll always think of you as a very dear person to me.


PS: I know Silver's going to be really down about this, so please be there for him. Same for Gold, if you can.


[Below are letters that Crystal would have written to anyone else in her CR. If your character wasn't listed above, then there is a letter address to them. These letters are for Green, Ling, Shiemi, and Hiccup.]

It means a lot to me that I was able to become friends with me. You helped make this place become a lot more friendly for me. You've done a lot for me in Luceti, even if you don't know it. I'm sorry that the time we spent together was so short, but we may meet again someday. And when we do, I'll still be very happy to call you my friend. I was blessed to have met you, and I hope Luceti treats you well after I'm gone.